Saturday, 15 October 2011

Winter's coming

When I walked home today, the air smelt like winter. Like late autumn/early winter I suppose ... it was so wonderful. The immense workload of Costume Production has come upon me once again and I'm already struggling to keep on top of everything. Classic .. story of my life, in fact. Monday was my 22nd birthday ... how old am I? I got lots of amazing presents and we did lovely things to celebrate. Good times.

I have loads of pictures lined up in my "ready for blog" folder. I just don't feel like posting any of them at the moment. Sometime soon, lots of randomness coming! FOR GODS SAKE STAY TUNED OR YOU'LL MISS OUT BIG TIME!

Hope you're all well.

1 comment:

Kamilla said...

Gleder meg til BLOGGELISA er tilbake:)