Monday, 19 September 2011

Vogue Fashion's night out

London Fashion Week is upon us. I won't pretend that I'm really fashionable enough to actually attend an event of this craziness, but I do enjoy a bit of good old-fashioned vanity. When masses of stores in central London participated in "Vogue Fashion's night out" on the 8th of September, me and my friend Trine saw it as a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and go for a browse and free drinks in posh shops.

It was such a good night! Make up Store was doing a well good deal and we got loads of freebies with our purchase (amongst which a pastel flowery shawl that went straight in the bin, but hey), we had the best cider ever in American Apparel, cocktails out of teacups, cupcakes and live music in The Powder Room and a funky trip through the photo-booth at River Island. To top it off, we also had champagne and a cheeky browse in Agent Provocateur - a store it is shameful to enter on any other occasion simply because you are destined to be revealed as a fraud on a student budget. Most of the shops participating had DJs or dancers in the windows and in short, it was an awesome night out for a shopoholic like myself. I believe I was nearing a state of a-bit-tipsy at one point too.

Click below for photos and super-awesome outfit-pics! HAH!

dress by topshop // boots by bianco // necklace and bracelet, home-made

coat by topshop // creepers by underground // handbag from beyond retro // jeans by H&M


charlotte said...

Får litt julestemning av disse bildene, jeg!

Og den nye sveisen din ser helt smashing ut. Veldig kledelig :)

Desideria said...

For en kveld!
Flira litt av at du hadde lagt til antrekkdetaljar, men kjekt å føle seg litt fashionable. Korleis går det med din superflotte nye hårsveis?