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L♥VING Harry Potter and proud of it

My epic tale of the Deathly Hallows II world premiere ...

For those of you who know me you'll know through facebook that I recently had the most amazing experience of my entire life: I went to greet the stars at the London world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I know it's a cliché, but I really can't quite describe what a big deal the Harry Potter series has been in my life. I started reading the books when I was 9 years old, and I can't recall much of my pre-Potter life at all. Throughout my childhood I daydreamed about being a part of Harry Potter’s world – about being a witch (preferably Hermione Granger) and downloaded tons of Potter-related pictures to my multiple "HP photos" folders on our computer. Some Harry Potter fans are not too impressed with the films, and I am not pretending that I can't see the flaws in them, but being realistic I never expected the films to be as good as the books, and so I love the films too. To my friends' embarrassment, I have been known to have physical reactions of excitement upon seeing the WB-logo on a new film in the cinema (hyperventilating etc.), and for every world premiere I have suffered through 3 hour long, badly buffered live-streams to get a glimpse of the movie-magic and my oh-so-idolized stars. 

When I moved to London, I had firmly decided to experience the two remaining world premieres live, but as we were having a three-day course in dyeing and breaking down last November it would have been rather bad to miss a whole day of it and I ended up going after college, catching only a glimpse of the red carpet from afar. This time however ... the last one ever and taking place during my summer break! Nothing was going to get in my way and I decided to postpone going home so as not to miss my last chance to go to the world premiere and to see the film at its 3D-release at the IMAX.

I arrived at Trafalgar Square around noon on Tuesday the 5th and got put on a list they were writing to keep it all fair. I was written down at the same time as two others and quickly became friends with them. I'd say there were around a hundred people ahead of us, and taking into account that they expected 8000 people to turn up in the end, we were pleased with our position. As we were taking up too much of the square (still being a general public area) we were put into holding pens where we met more people and spent the night. This first night was wet, and as there was a ban against putting up tents it all got a bit unpleasant. Our little group of four decided to crawl into the 2-persons-tent regardless of its anything-but-rigid state and had a good and intimate time cuddled up in the moist cloth of the tent. In short I'd class it as bad times.

My woolen coat that I had brought to use as a wearable carpet got very soaked during the night, but by morningtime the sun was poking out once again and during the day I miraculously got it dry by hanging it over banisters and barriers ... On Wednesday we were moved down into the actual premiere area, our names shouted out in order of the list so that the first campers would get the first pick of spots. It was all very civilized, but as we had done a bit of a cock-up with staying where we were meant to be we got let in later than we should have, which I was a bit gutted about. This being said, our final location got me a whole bunch of new, international and amazing friends, friends with tarps even so I'm not complainting (: We put up the tarp and massive pieces of plastic between the edge of the fountain and the barrier (I had to flash my eyes to get some gaffer tape off the construction-site workers) and slept in a very dry and cozy environment that night ... not that it actually rained before the morning. 

A special mention must go to my new friend Mattia, a lovely, Italian guy who wasn't such a very big Harry Potter fan, but came and camped out for 4 nights to give Emma Watson a letter he wrote for her. We spent a lot of time contemplating how to write his poster so that she would notice him, and he practiced devotedly what he was going to say to her ... he even brought special clothes to wear so that he'd look nice for her. It was the sweetest little love-story I've ever witnessed.

As Thursday arrived in all its glory, the crowds started packing up their sleeping bags, standing up and moving towards the barriers. As we had blocked off quite a bit of the barrier with our tarp we weren't in any rush, but eventually the time came to que up and be excited. As we took down our shelter, the sky opened and proper pourdown continued for a fair amount of hours. As some of you may know rain has been something of a tradition for the Harry Potter premieres and we had to do our inevitable worrying about our to-be-signed books and not-so-waterproof cameras.

THEN! Miraculously, like half an hour before it all started, the sun started forcing its rays through the heavy layer of clouds, and will you believe it: IT DIDN'T RAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREMIERE! We were very pleased.

With this pleasant turn of events, I got more than 650 photos and 5 autographs. We were positioned directly opposite to the press covering the arrivals and so we're in the background of quite a few of the press-photos online. It was a good spot in many ways, but as we were sort of in the middle of that barrier, we narrowly missed out on a few autographs where the stars did the beginning of the row, then had to do photos and then finished with the end of the row ... it is after all the spot where they’re supposed to be concentrating on posing for the photographers. No complaints, mind you!

The first person to come over to us was Tom Felton! He was proper naughty to the photographers and prioritized the fans by far. 3 hours later he was still signing at the top of the square! Such a champ, we loved him very much! I narrowly missed Clemence Poesey and Bonnie Wright's signatures, but I got Robbie Coltrane's, Rupert Grint's and Emma Watson's so it's aaaaall good :D

Emma Watson was so good with the fans, she was so cheerful and happy and grateful and GEORGEOUS and proper took her time signing autographs and even taking photos with people (I was to awestruck to remember to ask) ... She was well charmed by Mattia's poster and accepted his letter happily. Then she signed the poster properly with a heart, the name Emma actually readable and three x'es. Mattia cried and babbled on the phone in Italian. It really was the best thing ever!

Rupert Grint walked our row THREE times and narrowly missed my book the first TWO times ... I was SO GUTTED I almost cried. Luckily for me, three time's a charm :D

And then lastly, the bit I did cry at: J.K. Rowling's arrival. I haven't had that physical excitement for Harry Potter in while (a very upsetting fact) and so it was so wonderful to feel that it's still in me. As I saw her coming down the stairs and waving at us it struck me how she alone has enriched my life so much with her brilliance and how that whole scene would have been non-existent without her. I was dissolved. Mattia was like "Who is she?", bless him.

So yeah, there you have my tale of the world premiere! I didn't get a poster from the barriers in the end, which was very disappointing, but I had to do rock, paper, scissors for it so there was no way I could have won. I did get a little piece of the red carpet.

 My facebook has become very busy with all the photos, new groups and all my new friends. I find it truly amazing how a phenomenon like Harry Potter can bring together people from all over the world into close friendships from that one thing in common. I really had the time of my life.

 Now, I'm just waiting to see the film ... and what a film it will be! I'm so excited I could dance ... From the reviews I've seen and the stars' personal opinions it might be the best one yet, but oh how empty I'll feel once it's all over. I can guarantee tears and uncontrolled sobbing for anyone who happens to be sat next to me.

Visit my facebook profile (link in the sidebar) to see more photos from the best event of all time.


Jeg beklager at jeg ikke har skrevet dette innlegget på norsk også. Jeg bare begynte på engelsk og endte opp med å skrive mer enn 1550 ord, så det ble liksom litt umotiverende å skrive det hele en gang til.

Disclaimer: A few of these photographs aren't mine. Some of them were taken by my friends that I met, but the press ones I'm not sure. Please let me know if you know of someone who would want credit for them.

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