Friday, 15 July 2011


I can't do this feeling justice with words.

I put on my time-turner necklace and my maxi coat. I brought my wand and got on the night bus, feeling very magical and cool-looking. I sat in front at the top deck, and as the bus was going very fast and on roads I've never travelled before, it felt a lot like the Knight bus. I walked to the cinema with my flowing robes, confident that I would have fitted right in if the world was actually a magical one. In a room with ever colour-changing lights, as we were all waiting to go in, the song "Unforgettable" played on the speakers and I felt sad that Rolf wasn't there to share the moment. I entered the screening-room and welcomed the feeling of awe that comes with the first sight of such an epic screen.

I watched, I listened, I laughed and by the last letter of the credits I cried.

And now, now I just don't know. It feels wierd, like I can't get enough of it all ... like I have to read all the books and see all the films and listen to all the soundtracks and look at allt he pictures againa and again and again.

In short, I loved it. And OH how I loved Alan Rickman in this one ... it was all breathtaking.

Until next time, Harry

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Desideria said...

Har ikke klart å komme med en kommentar rett og slett fordi at, JA, jeg fikk også den følelsen. Og Alan Rickman, det var flott!