Sunday, 13 November 2011


Noko av det kjekkaste med Storbritannia er at ein kan sjå fyrverkeri mykje oftare enn ein kan i Noreg. Reglane for nyttårs-rakettar har jo vorte så mykje strengare dei siste åra, men her i landet har dei framleis ei ganske slepphendt holdning rundt dette fargeglade fenomenet. Ein treng heller ikkje vente til nyårsaftan året rundt for å få sett fyrverkeri - ein kan smelle opp litt her og der for eitkvart høve - særskild rundt "bonfire night" 5. november. Som norsk er eg jo mest vand med å skyte opp tvilsomme pinne-rakettar heime, men offentlege fyrverkeri-oppsetningar er hermed sterkt undervurdert. Studentforeininga ved skulen vår har arrangert fyrverkeri for 5. november dei siste to åra, men i år tok vi bussen til Blackheath for å sjå ei av dei beste fyrverkeri-oppsetningane i landet.
Ikkje dårleg.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I have found THE most ridiculously perfect winter coat in French Connection. Unfortunately it also happens to be ridiculously expensive ... Being a bit of a masochist when it comes to shopping, I tried it on when I went to a shopping centre the other day. It has a classic cut, smooth woolen fabric, short-piled fur on the collar, lapels and overarms (two-piece sleeve) and the most perfect tailored fit I've ever tried on.

It makes my shopping-addicted body ache.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Vi och Olle

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Zara cravings

Images by

Pin curls and vintage beauty

I'm very happy with my new crop hairdo, but it does provoke occasional long hair-nostalgia. I've always been very fascinated by historical and vintage beauty, but I've never had much success with my hair as it's generally been too long to hold a proper curl. Last Christmas, however, I had to cut it to more of a midi-length, as my ends were bleached to death. With less hair to handle, I finally succeeded in creating a pin-curl do for our 40's-inspired summer ball.

Wet set pin-curls, when done properly, are by far the most persistent curl you can get: you can brush them out forcefully to create a smooth surface, but the curls won't budge until they get wet when you next wash your hair (rain should be avoided like the plague). The best information on how to do pin curls can be found in Lauren Rennells' book "Vintage Hairstyling", but there are loads of good tutorials on youtube - click here for one of them.

A word of warning: If you're a perfectionist like myself, making a full head of pin curls take time! It also takes practice, if you're planning it for a special occasion. In addition to creating the pin curls, they need about a whole day's time to dry completely! I would recommend doing the set in the evening so that you can sleep with it, and then put a nice flowery head-scarf on for the following day. A lot of time can be saved if you have a trusty friend who can do the set for you, as it's a lot easier to do it on someone else than on yourself.

For this particular hairdo I rolled all the pin curls in the same direction. Once dry, I brushed them out against my hand, pulled one side back with a side comb and hairsprayed like mad. Different styles can be achieved by alternating the direction, pivot point and tightness of the curl.

I used some makeup tips from Lauren Rennells' other book "Retro Makeup" to achieve a 40's look, and this blog tutorial to do the nails.

* I took the picture when I got home from the ball so it was all a bit slicker when I was fresh off the dressing table ;)

Winter's coming

When I walked home today, the air smelt like winter. Like late autumn/early winter I suppose ... it was so wonderful. The immense workload of Costume Production has come upon me once again and I'm already struggling to keep on top of everything. Classic .. story of my life, in fact. Monday was my 22nd birthday ... how old am I? I got lots of amazing presents and we did lovely things to celebrate. Good times.

I have loads of pictures lined up in my "ready for blog" folder. I just don't feel like posting any of them at the moment. Sometime soon, lots of randomness coming! FOR GODS SAKE STAY TUNED OR YOU'LL MISS OUT BIG TIME!

Hope you're all well.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Vogue Fashion's night out

London Fashion Week is upon us. I won't pretend that I'm really fashionable enough to actually attend an event of this craziness, but I do enjoy a bit of good old-fashioned vanity. When masses of stores in central London participated in "Vogue Fashion's night out" on the 8th of September, me and my friend Trine saw it as a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and go for a browse and free drinks in posh shops.

It was such a good night! Make up Store was doing a well good deal and we got loads of freebies with our purchase (amongst which a pastel flowery shawl that went straight in the bin, but hey), we had the best cider ever in American Apparel, cocktails out of teacups, cupcakes and live music in The Powder Room and a funky trip through the photo-booth at River Island. To top it off, we also had champagne and a cheeky browse in Agent Provocateur - a store it is shameful to enter on any other occasion simply because you are destined to be revealed as a fraud on a student budget. Most of the shops participating had DJs or dancers in the windows and in short, it was an awesome night out for a shopoholic like myself. I believe I was nearing a state of a-bit-tipsy at one point too.

Click below for photos and super-awesome outfit-pics! HAH!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rolf's sleepy ramblings

Ei altfor våken Lisa kryper inntil en Rolf som allerede har sovet i mange timer. Rolf fatter et snev av bevissthet, smiler og legger armen rundt Lisa. Lisa føler seg verdsatt og blir generellt fornøyd med seg selv. Så: Rolf begynner å humre for seg selv - tydelig i stigende humør.

Lisa: Ka det e, kjære?
Rolf peker opp i taket: Sjå da.
Lisa: Ka?
Rolf fniser, men peker bestemt: Romstasjon!
Lisa: ... ?
Rolf sover.

Monday, 5 September 2011

These wonderwalls

Heida. No har eg lagd ein ny blogg inn på leselista mi: "These Wonderwalls" av Marta Dyb. Marta er nyleg ferdigutdanna utstillingsdesignar og generellt superflinka - vi gjekk på vidaregåande saman. Bloggen hennar har ei god blanding av inspirasjon, prosjekt og hennar eige arbeid. Sjekk det ut, så vert du glad (:


Hi there. I've just added a new blog to my reading list: "These Wonderwalls" by Marta Dyb. Marta has recently finished her eduacation as a display-designer and she's generally super talented - we went to upper secondary school together. her blog has a good mix of inspiration, projects and her own work. Check it out, it will make you happy (:

Photo taken from "These Wonderwalls"

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shoe porn

OMG sier jeg. Christian Louboutin pigalle spikes 120 - Jeg trenger disse i livet mitt ... Jeg legger ikke ut noen hjelpsom link til hvor du kan få tak i disse, da jeg hater alle som har råd til dem av prinsipp.


OMG is my statement. Christian Louboutin pigalle spikes 120 - I need to have these in my life ... I'm not going to post any helpful link to where you can get these, as I hate anyone who can afford them on principal.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Jeg har så lyst til å skrive noe om 22. juli, men det er så vanskelig. Det blir så fåfengt å prøve å sette seg inn i situasjonen til alle de som ble berørt av denne forferdelige dagen. Det som ble gjort er en ondskap utenfor de flestes fatteevne. Jeg har felt en del tårer, men gud så bevisst jeg har blitt på min egen kjærlighet for landet mitt. Jeg ville legge ut noe fra Minneseremonien, men jeg klarte ikke å bestemme meg for noe passende ... alt er så hjerteskjærende fint. 

Som en optimistisk gest bestemte jeg meg heller for å legge ut noe bra musikk. Jeg så Susanne Sundfør på festival i sommer og det var en skikkelig fantastisk opptreden. Håper det kan hjelpe på om humøret har sviktet i det siste.


I want to write something about July the 22nd, but it's difficult to know what. It seems so useless to try and understand the situation of those that were affected by this terrible day. What was done is evil beyond most people's comprehension. I've shed some tears, but God how aware it's made me of my love for my country. I wanted to post something from the memorial ceremony, but I couldn't decide ... it's all so heartbreakingly beautiful.

As an optimistic gesture I decided to post some good music instead. I saw Susanne Sundfør at a festival this summer and it was a proper amazing show. Hope it helps if spirits are low lately. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Beautiful faces

Jeg er over gjennomsnittet pirkete når det kommer til sminke av god kvalitet og jeg blir aldri lei av inspirerende bildeserier. Makeup store har et ineraktivt blad med masse fine bilder. Det gjør dagen min gladere!! Klikk her for å lese bladet og klikk under her for flere av mine favoritt-bilder.


My fussiness with quality makeup is well above average and I never grow tired of inspiring makeup-shoots. Makeup store does an interactive magazine with loads of beautiful pictures. It makes my day brighter!! Click here to read the magazine and click below for more of my favourite photos. 

Monday, 15 August 2011


Check out my smokin' hot BF!!   fnis.

Dette har ikke vært min mest interaktive sommer, derav mangelen på innlegg. Bryr meg ikke så veldig lenger ... jeg har hatt en herlig sommerferie hvor jeg har fokusert på å gjøre artige ting og å nyte livet heller enn å jobbe og å bekymre meg over alt i livet som gir grunn til bekymring. Gode venner og familie er uvurderlige greier. Været har vært kjipt da ... 

Skjermen på PC'n min driver liksom å løsner fra hele maskina så i morgen skal jeg kjøpe mac ... det blir bra, ja.


This hasn't been my most interactive summer, hence the lack of posting. I'm not too fussed anymore ... I've had a lovely summer break, focusing on doing fun things and enjoying life, rather than working and worrying about all the things in life that brings cause for worry. Good friends and family are priceless stuff. The weather has sucked ...

The screen on my laptop is kind of coming off, so tomorrow I'm buying a mac ... excited about that, yes.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Online portfolio

ENDELIG! Etter nesten to år under konstruksjon kan jeg nå fortelle internett om denne elektroniske portfolio-bloggen min. Jeg er fullt klar over at det hadde vært mer high-tech med en ordentlig hjemmeside, men ... det blir for teknisk for meg så jeg har gjort mitt beste med blogg-layouten. Den presenterer noen produkter som ikke er fullført, men disse innleggene vil bli oppdatert så snart ting blir ferdig. Ta en titt på syingen og kunsten min, yeah?

Link i sidespalten >>


FINALLY! After almost two years of constructing it I can now tell the internet about this portfolio-blog of mine. I'm fully aware that it would have been far more high-tech with a proper website, but that's just too advanced for me ... I did my best with the blog-layout. It presents some products that aren't completed, but these posts will be updated as soon as things get done. Have a look at all my sewing and artwork, yeah? 

Link in the sidebar >>

Old treasure rediscovered

Jeg hadde på meg favorittgenseren min gjennom tidene her om dagen. Den er fortsatt permanent folkeregistrert i klesskapet mitt og jeg kan fortsatt huske da jeg fant og kjøpte den ... begge faktum en liten prestasjon (vil jeg påstå), tatt i betraktning at jeg fortsatt gikk på barneskolen ... Jeg er ganske sikker på at jeg var 12, hvilket betyr at det er 9 år siden. Jeg hukser hvordan det enkle snittet og retro bestefar-mønsteret slo meg som den største perfeksjon og hvordan den var super-myk og elastisk.

Den er ikke lenger myk og elastisk og de utallige vaskene den har vært gjennom har gjort den aldri så lite gjennomsiktig og formløs. Du er kanskje forfjamset over at jeg fortsatt får på meg 12-års garderoben min, men tro meg det er bare fordi elastanen i stoffet er helt borte og størrelsen derfor har strekt seg til det ytterste. Den har hendige 3/4 lange ermer og om jeg stapper den ned i ei bukse med høyt liv er det ingen som kan se at den er altfor kort for meg.

Har du en gammel favoritt, fortsatt liggende i skapet og som venter på å bli brukt igjen? Ta den med ut på en siste luftetur!


I wore my favourite jumper of all time the other day. It is still a permanent resident in my wardrobe and I can still remember finding and purchasing it, both an accomplishment I think, considering that I was still in Primary school ... I'm pretty sure I was 12, which should make it about 9 years ago. I can recall how the simple cut and retro grandfather-pattern struck me as the utmost perfection and how it was all super-soft and stretchy.

It is no longer soft and stretchy, and its numerous washes has made it slightly see-through and shapeless. You might be astonished that I'm still fitting into my 12-year-old attire, but rest assured it is only because all the elastane of the fabric has completely disappeared and the size has thus been stretched to the full length of the fibres. It has got handy 3/4 length sleeves, and paired with lovely high-waisted jeans, no-one can tall that it's way too short for me.

Have you got any old favourite still residing in your wardrobe waiting to be worn again? Take it out for a spinn!

jumper by H&M // jeans by H&M // jacket by neste stopp // loafers by zara

Photographs by Ingrid Valde

Friday, 15 July 2011


I can't do this feeling justice with words.

I put on my time-turner necklace and my maxi coat. I brought my wand and got on the night bus, feeling very magical and cool-looking. I sat in front at the top deck, and as the bus was going very fast and on roads I've never travelled before, it felt a lot like the Knight bus. I walked to the cinema with my flowing robes, confident that I would have fitted right in if the world was actually a magical one. In a room with ever colour-changing lights, as we were all waiting to go in, the song "Unforgettable" played on the speakers and I felt sad that Rolf wasn't there to share the moment. I entered the screening-room and welcomed the feeling of awe that comes with the first sight of such an epic screen.

I watched, I listened, I laughed and by the last letter of the credits I cried.

And now, now I just don't know. It feels wierd, like I can't get enough of it all ... like I have to read all the books and see all the films and listen to all the soundtracks and look at allt he pictures againa and again and again.

In short, I loved it. And OH how I loved Alan Rickman in this one ... it was all breathtaking.

Until next time, Harry

Thursday, 14 July 2011

L♥VING Harry Potter and proud of it

My epic tale of the Deathly Hallows II world premiere ...

For those of you who know me you'll know through facebook that I recently had the most amazing experience of my entire life: I went to greet the stars at the London world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I know it's a cliché, but I really can't quite describe what a big deal the Harry Potter series has been in my life. I started reading the books when I was 9 years old, and I can't recall much of my pre-Potter life at all. Throughout my childhood I daydreamed about being a part of Harry Potter’s world – about being a witch (preferably Hermione Granger) and downloaded tons of Potter-related pictures to my multiple "HP photos" folders on our computer. Some Harry Potter fans are not too impressed with the films, and I am not pretending that I can't see the flaws in them, but being realistic I never expected the films to be as good as the books, and so I love the films too. To my friends' embarrassment, I have been known to have physical reactions of excitement upon seeing the WB-logo on a new film in the cinema (hyperventilating etc.), and for every world premiere I have suffered through 3 hour long, badly buffered live-streams to get a glimpse of the movie-magic and my oh-so-idolized stars. 

When I moved to London, I had firmly decided to experience the two remaining world premieres live, but as we were having a three-day course in dyeing and breaking down last November it would have been rather bad to miss a whole day of it and I ended up going after college, catching only a glimpse of the red carpet from afar. This time however ... the last one ever and taking place during my summer break! Nothing was going to get in my way and I decided to postpone going home so as not to miss my last chance to go to the world premiere and to see the film at its 3D-release at the IMAX.

I arrived at Trafalgar Square around noon on Tuesday the 5th and got put on a list they were writing to keep it all fair. I was written down at the same time as two others and quickly became friends with them. I'd say there were around a hundred people ahead of us, and taking into account that they expected 8000 people to turn up in the end, we were pleased with our position. As we were taking up too much of the square (still being a general public area) we were put into holding pens where we met more people and spent the night. This first night was wet, and as there was a ban against putting up tents it all got a bit unpleasant. Our little group of four decided to crawl into the 2-persons-tent regardless of its anything-but-rigid state and had a good and intimate time cuddled up in the moist cloth of the tent. In short I'd class it as bad times.

My woolen coat that I had brought to use as a wearable carpet got very soaked during the night, but by morningtime the sun was poking out once again and during the day I miraculously got it dry by hanging it over banisters and barriers ... On Wednesday we were moved down into the actual premiere area, our names shouted out in order of the list so that the first campers would get the first pick of spots. It was all very civilized, but as we had done a bit of a cock-up with staying where we were meant to be we got let in later than we should have, which I was a bit gutted about. This being said, our final location got me a whole bunch of new, international and amazing friends, friends with tarps even so I'm not complainting (: We put up the tarp and massive pieces of plastic between the edge of the fountain and the barrier (I had to flash my eyes to get some gaffer tape off the construction-site workers) and slept in a very dry and cozy environment that night ... not that it actually rained before the morning. 

A special mention must go to my new friend Mattia, a lovely, Italian guy who wasn't such a very big Harry Potter fan, but came and camped out for 4 nights to give Emma Watson a letter he wrote for her. We spent a lot of time contemplating how to write his poster so that she would notice him, and he practiced devotedly what he was going to say to her ... he even brought special clothes to wear so that he'd look nice for her. It was the sweetest little love-story I've ever witnessed.

As Thursday arrived in all its glory, the crowds started packing up their sleeping bags, standing up and moving towards the barriers. As we had blocked off quite a bit of the barrier with our tarp we weren't in any rush, but eventually the time came to que up and be excited. As we took down our shelter, the sky opened and proper pourdown continued for a fair amount of hours. As some of you may know rain has been something of a tradition for the Harry Potter premieres and we had to do our inevitable worrying about our to-be-signed books and not-so-waterproof cameras.

THEN! Miraculously, like half an hour before it all started, the sun started forcing its rays through the heavy layer of clouds, and will you believe it: IT DIDN'T RAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREMIERE! We were very pleased.

With this pleasant turn of events, I got more than 650 photos and 5 autographs. We were positioned directly opposite to the press covering the arrivals and so we're in the background of quite a few of the press-photos online. It was a good spot in many ways, but as we were sort of in the middle of that barrier, we narrowly missed out on a few autographs where the stars did the beginning of the row, then had to do photos and then finished with the end of the row ... it is after all the spot where they’re supposed to be concentrating on posing for the photographers. No complaints, mind you!

The first person to come over to us was Tom Felton! He was proper naughty to the photographers and prioritized the fans by far. 3 hours later he was still signing at the top of the square! Such a champ, we loved him very much! I narrowly missed Clemence Poesey and Bonnie Wright's signatures, but I got Robbie Coltrane's, Rupert Grint's and Emma Watson's so it's aaaaall good :D

Emma Watson was so good with the fans, she was so cheerful and happy and grateful and GEORGEOUS and proper took her time signing autographs and even taking photos with people (I was to awestruck to remember to ask) ... She was well charmed by Mattia's poster and accepted his letter happily. Then she signed the poster properly with a heart, the name Emma actually readable and three x'es. Mattia cried and babbled on the phone in Italian. It really was the best thing ever!

Rupert Grint walked our row THREE times and narrowly missed my book the first TWO times ... I was SO GUTTED I almost cried. Luckily for me, three time's a charm :D

And then lastly, the bit I did cry at: J.K. Rowling's arrival. I haven't had that physical excitement for Harry Potter in while (a very upsetting fact) and so it was so wonderful to feel that it's still in me. As I saw her coming down the stairs and waving at us it struck me how she alone has enriched my life so much with her brilliance and how that whole scene would have been non-existent without her. I was dissolved. Mattia was like "Who is she?", bless him.

So yeah, there you have my tale of the world premiere! I didn't get a poster from the barriers in the end, which was very disappointing, but I had to do rock, paper, scissors for it so there was no way I could have won. I did get a little piece of the red carpet.

 My facebook has become very busy with all the photos, new groups and all my new friends. I find it truly amazing how a phenomenon like Harry Potter can bring together people from all over the world into close friendships from that one thing in common. I really had the time of my life.

 Now, I'm just waiting to see the film ... and what a film it will be! I'm so excited I could dance ... From the reviews I've seen and the stars' personal opinions it might be the best one yet, but oh how empty I'll feel once it's all over. I can guarantee tears and uncontrolled sobbing for anyone who happens to be sat next to me.

Visit my facebook profile (link in the sidebar) to see more photos from the best event of all time.


Jeg beklager at jeg ikke har skrevet dette innlegget på norsk også. Jeg bare begynte på engelsk og endte opp med å skrive mer enn 1550 ord, så det ble liksom litt umotiverende å skrive det hele en gang til.

Disclaimer: A few of these photographs aren't mine. Some of them were taken by my friends that I met, but the press ones I'm not sure. Please let me know if you know of someone who would want credit for them.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Summer shoes ♥

Noen av de nye skoene mine, med trykk på "noen av". Jeg må desverre innrømme, kjære venner, at jeg nok en gang har hatt et tilbakefall av shopoholisme. Men pytt, fine sko da, sant? Jeg elsker at platåskoene er så rare at de er fantastiske, selv om de er skikkelige ankel-knusere og en gang sendte meg rett på trynet midt i gata ... jeg blødde, og greier!


Some of my new shoes, the key words being "some of". I regret to inform you, my friends, that I have indeed had yet another fallback of shopoholism. But hey, nice shoes, right? I love the quirkyness of the platforms, although they are proper ankle-breakers and once sent me flying on my face in the street ... there was blood!

black platforms by topshop // orange heels by zara

Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer ball 2011

Look at us, all dolled up and smart looking for the summer ball. The ball had a 1940's theme this year and it was so lovely to see everyone who took the challenge and dressed up with a historical feel. I had this smooth plan of making finger-waves in Rolf's hair, but he was too busy for such nonsense so I had to make do with styling my own hair.

The ball was amazing, but right now I can't quite describe how much I love the summer holidays!

Photo by Karl Oskar Sørdal - KEYOZDESIGN

Monday, 20 June 2011


Sjekk den superkule ukulela mi! Kjøpte den for 200kr og jeg kan tilogmed spille litt på den! Misunnelig? Tenkte meg det ...


Check out my amazing ukulele! I got it for £20 and I can kind of play it too! Envious? Thought so ...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Harry Potter ♥

Once again, I am lost for words to describe how unbelievably excited I am! Have I mentioned that I'm staying in London for three weeks longer than I need to this summer, merely because I can't miss the last world premiere at Leicester Square, and the 3D release at the IMAX?

Well, I am!

ALSO, take a look here - where J.K. Rowling will announce details of her new project "Pottermore" in 5 days' time!

Video © Warner Brothers

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Dette må være favoritt-bildet mitt for tiden ... det er så fint at jeg ikke helt klarer å komme over det.


This must be my favourite photo at the moment ... it's so beautiful i can't quite get over it.

Photo © Tim Walker Photography

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Beauty by gel

Hei, venner! Savner dere trynet mitt?

Vel, her har dere det, sånn i tilfelle. Mesterlig fotografert av meg selv og prydet, for første gang på veldig veldig lenge med ordentlig sminke! Jeg driter gjerne fullstendig i sånt når jeg blir for stresset - og la oss bare si at jeg ikke kan huske sist jeg ikke hadde en eneste ting å være stresset over. Jeg har oppdaget dette nye produktet fra Maybelline, en gelè-liner i ei lita krukke komplett med kost i pakken når du kjøper den. Den gir ikke den mest definerte streken med mindre du er ekstremt stødig på hånda, men den varer overraskende lenge uten å renne eller sprekke.


Hi, friends! Did you miss my face?

Well here it is, just in case. Masterly photographed by yours truly and adorned, for the first time in what feels like years with proper makeup! I have a habit of letting myself go pretty badly whenever I feel too stressed - and let's just say that I can't remember the last time I didn't have a thing to be stressed about. I have taken a liking to this new product from Maybelline, a gel liner in a pot complete with brush in the pack when you buy it. It doesn't give the crispest line unless you keep an extremely steady hand whilst applying it, but it lasts for a surprisingly long time without smudging or cracking.

liquid foundation by make up store, milk // concealer trio by make up store // eyeshadow helper by lime crime // loose powder by make up store, milk // eyeshadow quartet by isadora, pearls, cappuccino // eyedust by make up store, dream // gel eyeliner by maybelline // diorshow iconic mascara // eyebrow colour by H&M // blusher by chanel, tea rose // camellia lip balm by julie hewett, natural

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rainy days

Elsker du ikke regnet, når det ikke har regnet på lenge? Forrige uke var så kvelende varm at jeg trodde jeg skulle dø, men som den gamle regla går med slike kvelende uker så kollapset den til slutt å ble til en svær regnsky. Greit for meg (:

Jeg elsker spesielt lyden av regnet!


Don't you just love the rain when it hasn't rained in a while? The last week was so stuffing hot I thought I might die, but as it goes with all those stuffy weeks they somehow break down into a massive raincloud in the end. Works for me (:

I love the sound of the rain in particular!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

No matter where you go ...

Monday, 30 May 2011


Eg kjøpte dei fyrste blomane til leiligheita vår for ei stund sidan. Det var då vi arrangerte påske-middag på 1. påskedag og ville gjera stova litt meir heimekoseleg. Effekten var ganske fantastisk ... eg føler meg gammal.


I bought the first bunch of flowers for our flat a while back. It was when we were hosting a meal for Easter Sunday and wanted to make our living room a bit more homely. The effect was quite amazing ... I feel old.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gütermann thread - 3D

Mens jeg drev å lette etter bilder av spesifike sneller med Gütermann tråd til budsjettet mitt (jeg lager et par dongeribukser til forestillinga vi jobber med for tida), kom jeg over denne fantastiskheten på gode gamle Google bilde-søk. Den mexikanske kunstneren Gabriel Dawe har laget disse svære innstallasjonene kun ved bruk av tråd. De forskjellige fargene er vevd inn i hverandre og festet på store trerammer og det hele gir en fasinerende 3D-aktig regnbue-effekt. Jeg vil ha!


As I was browsing for pictures of spesific reels of Gütermann thread for my budget-sheet (I'm making a pair of jeans for the show we're working on at the moment), I came across this amazing craziness on ye olde Google image search. They are Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe's large-scale installations made entirely out of thread. With the different colours woven into each other and affixed onto wooden frames, these great pieces of art give a fascinating 3D-like rainbow effect. I want one!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wrapped joys

Om du er av den observante typen, ser du kanskje at jeg har dedikert en hel kategori av denne bloggen til "nice wrapping" eller "pen innpakning" som det jo blir på norsk. Jeg har en litt sær forkjærlighet for alt som er pent innpakket og presentert. Når jeg sier at jeg liker å gi gaver like godt som jeg liker å få dem, er ikke det nødvendigvis fordi jeg er sånt et godt menneske, men heller fordi det gir meg et påskudd til å velge ut herlig eller kreativt papir, bånd og kort (selv om jeg som oftest lager kortene selv ... bare enkle kort, jeg er ikke så gira på scrap-booking).

Dette var vår dåpspresang til min beste vennindes datter.


If you are the observant kind, you may notice that I have devoted a whole category of this blog to "nice wrapping". I have this random love for things that are nicely wrapped and presented. When I say that I like giving gifts as much as I like getting them, that is not necessarily because I am such a good person, but rather because it gives me an excuse to pick out lovely or creative wrapping, ribbons and cards (although in most cases I make the cards myself ... only simple ones, I'm not really into scrap-booking).

This was our present for my best friend's daughter on the occasion of her baptism.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Syttende mai er vi så gla' i

In 1814, after many years of unions with Denmark and Sweden, the Norwegian constitution was finished and signed on the 17th of May, and Norway was yet again declared an independent realm. This date is still celebrated with great enthusiasm by Norwegians all over the world.

It is odd, spending the day making jeans in college, but nevertheless there is always time for a parade, sour-cream porridge and lots and lots of ice-cream.


Gratulerar med dagen, Noreg!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Glass art

Vakre saker i V&A museumet. Ein verkeleg bra plass å vitja om ein ser etter ein meir intellektuell måte å nytta London-tida si på.


Impressive stuff in the V&A musem. A really good place to visit if you're looking for a slightly geeky way to spend your time in London.